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Anonymous Email - How does works?

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1. Make up your false identity: NAME and EMAIL

  • Type your Anonymous Mail, eventually attach a file
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2. Your recipient will receive your anonymous email, it will be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to know who sent it.

3. You will get a read receipt confirming your anonymous email has been read. Great...

4. Exclusive : Your recipient will be able to REPLY, and you will be able to start a conversation without blowing your cover.

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Available solutions for sending an anonymous email :

The anonymous email

There are good and bad reasons to do it. Sending an anonymous email is never innocent, but it can be useful.

Nothing is anonymous on the web. If your recipient knows his way around Internet protocols, he can quickly recover your information, even find you out. To prevent this, numerous services and software solutions allow you to preserve your anonymity with different levels of success.

1- The “false anonymity”

If you are looking for basic anonymity, without much reliability, you can create an alias from within your regular email account (if your ISP allows it), or set up an account from a free email service provider.

You will be somewhat anonymous to your recipient. But in any case, your ISP knows your real identity or at least has the means to find out (your IP address is recorded as you set up your account, which allows your ISP to retrace you in case of a problem).

2- Remailers

RemailersRemailers are email servers that forward your message, removing from the headers all the information that can lead back to you. Practically, all they keep from the headers is the subject of the message. It becomes hard then to find your trace : only the remailer operator can do it. If you set up a string of more than 2 remailers, it becomes almost impossible to do it without putting a lot of effort into it.

This operation can get complicated: you need to know how to manipulate email headers.

3- Software

You can find software programs designed to facilitate remailing. But you need to use them cautiously because all that is coming from your PC is identified by your IP address.

Web sites

They use remailing with a more user-friendly interface.
Anonymous email sending site with numerous advanced features : replies enabled, read receipts, management dashboard,...
/ – Free basic service

Also, numerous personal sites allow you to send anonymous emails. We don’t recommend using these sites. They don’t monitor the use of their service as serious sites do. Therefore, spammers and unstable people are allowed to spread publicity and profanity all over the Web.


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