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About 40,000 users a day, the world leader in anonymous email exchange.

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Type the recipient email or received email address of the person you want to send anonymous email. It's up to 5 emails with semicolon(;) separation for active account.

Email address will be sent to as CC email address. The CC email address will be available to the recipients. Only one email address is accepted here.
This feature is only for active account

Type the subject of the anonymous email.

Type your fake name, this fake name will be appeared as From Name.

Type the fake email address, your anonymous email will be appeared to From Email. Ex:
This function is only for active account
ATTENTION : the quality of this email address is very important. It must belong to an existing domain (the part at the right of the @) and must be as down-to-earth as possible to avoid being treated as spam.

Recipient will reply to this email address, you can input whatever you want to this field. This feature is only available for active account!

This is the Name of reply to email. When you input ReplyTo email, you should input ReplyTo Name. The recipient will be see something like Mr.Han <>. This feature is only available for active account!

By entering my real email address, You will still be 100% anonymous, but we will send you username and password to your real email so that you can manage your anonymous email!!!

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(this function for active account)
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